Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amy's visit

Amy and her family came up last weekend and we had so much fun with them. There isn't tons to do in Boise in the winter, but we enjoyed spending time together. The kids had fun playing together (until Sunday morning when Shawn started trying to scratch out James' eyes). It was a short, nice visit and npw we don't know how to entertain ourselves without them here. Thanks for coming to visit!
The cake I made for their arrival
Shawn and James at Cheesecake Factory

Shawn had a stinky diaper on the way home from the restaurant

We stoppped at the park on the way home from dinner. I think Antoine had more fun than the kids :)

Amy and her family at the park

Antoine brought his projector and we watched movies on our big wall

We went to Boondocks Saturday morning

Shawn loved sitting in this car with Spiderman, but hated it when it started to move.

Natalie and James on one of the mini golf holes

This is the best picture we could get of the two boys Sunday morning

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this a bad sign of things to come?

Since I haven't posted anything for a couple weeks I decided to just post a picture or two for those that check the blog often.
Shawn likes to stand on the bike seat and then let go of the handlebars. I couldn't get a picture of the daring act, this is the closest I got. Is this a sign of his character/personality? He might be quit the dare devil.

This is a picture I took while unpacking from my sisters' weekend. I just think Shawn looks super cute in it.
P.S. Feel free to send us any referrals or leads to jobs that you know of considering Jon got laid off last week. :)