Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am sure you have all been having withdrawls while I've been away. It has been a crazy month. We moved into our new house and we love it. It is so nice to finally have a place that is all ours and we can do what we want to it without worrying what the landlord would say. We have been super busy unpacking, setting up furniture, installing blinds, etc. The last two weeks have been the busiest weeks for Jon at work. He works long days and then comes home and helps with the million things we have to do around the house. Thanks Honey for all your hard work. Luckily things have started to calm down. We just got the internet yesterday, which is another reason I haven't been updating at all. We still don't have TV. We really don't want to get cable, but no size or type of antenna is working to get regular TV. Apparently we are in a completely dead zone. It looks like we will be ordering Dish tomorrow. Now all we need to do is hang all our paintings and pictures, continue unpacking the last few things, reorganize the kitchen, start figuring out all the boxes in the basement, put in sprinklers, put in sod, do some landscaping, and put up a fence. Okay, don't worry we aren't going to do any of the yard until the Spring. :)

Here is a little look into what Shawn's life was like for a few days. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player. Too bad Shawn threw it across the room about a week ago and now no longer works. At least Jon got the DVD player set up to the TV so we can watch movies.

We have done some fun things along with being busy. We go out for dinner with the whole family on conference weekend. We decided to take all the kids to the park while we were up at Grandpas for the dinner outing. Shawn loves playing with all of his cousins. I must say that I grew up by the best mountains in Utah. Sorry to anyone that doesn't agree, but I am right.

We spent some time in the mountains. Jon, Shawn, and I went through Alpine Loop a couple times. It was so amazing. I love fall. Amy and I took the kids up to a little lake to let them run around and throw rocks. We did not plan on them getting in the water, but we let them anyway. Let's just say that I was sitting on the shore wearing long pants, a jacket and shivering. Now that's a good mom.