Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Little Monster is 3!

Evan turned the big "3" this month. He was super excited to have his monster party. I think the theme was very fitting considering how he has been acting lately. Shawn was a lot harder as a three-year-old and it seems like Evan is following in the same path. We still love him though (most days).

Tradition: waking up to balloons with money it for every year you are old.
 Went to Trafalga as Evan requested. We even did arcade games like he wanted, which we never do. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner. Sadly the saddle was broken so he didn't get to sit on it.
 Monster party set up
A couple days before his party I found these monster cape things that matched the colors of our party perfectly. How is that possible? Must have been meant to be.
 Made monster mouths for people to play with
 Opened lots of fun presents with cousin James keeping a close eye on them
 Sitting with his monster cake. I thought my hand was going to fall off by the time I finished putting the "fur" on the cake. I think cousin Jack is making a monster face in the background.
Grandpa and Shawn
 Evan kept sneaking the monster eyes (marshmallows dipped in white chocolate)
We played pin the eye on the monster. What a cute group of cousins.
 Evan having a chat with "my Amy" as he calls her.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I love that my boys enjoy spending time together. Shawn loves reading to baby Carver and Carver will actually sit there totally content looking at the pictuers.
Some morning cartoon time
Evan is at a stage where he will copy ANYTHING Shawn does. We keep telling Shawn that he has to be careful because Evan is always watching. This was a perfect example. While we were at City Creek Shawn stopped to look at this water. Evan walked up, looked over at how Shawn was standing and then copied him exaclty.

While downtown we went to City Creek, Temple Square and to Jon's office. We had fun checking out all the beautiful flowers. 

At Jon's office, the boys found his landline phone to be the most interesting part of the evening. That and the tiny water fountain Jon had.
 I have started working out a lot more on the treadmill again. The other day I heard it running and went downstairs to find Shawn doing exercise. He said he was working on getting faster for soccer. I let him continue and he did a good 15 minutes at a decent pace.
 Oh the joys of having Daddy around to play with.
 We are loving this cute little face.
 A couple weeks ago I made this cheesecake/cake creation for my aunts birthday. It was one of those projects that took way too long and I wondered it if would be worth it. I am glad to report that it was well worth it and I will be making it again. It was SOOOOOOO good!! The cake part wasn't done when it was supposed to be so it fell when I checked on it. Thus, the giant section of buttercream to even it out. :)
 The boys have been asking me for a long time to make them some superhero capes. They turned out a bit long, but they can grow into them. ;)
 I discovered that if you called chores "superhero missions" or "quests" then they will do just about anything while wearing a cape.

Easter Weekend

We went to our city Easter egg hunt. They actually did a good job and had plenty of eggs for all the kids. Even wasn't really sure what was happening. He would open each egg as he picked it up to see what was inside

 Afterwards, we went to Kneaders for breakfast. Is there anything better?? Both boys wouldn't stop eating for a  minute for us to take a picture.

Jon and I went to the BYU Traditions Ball. I have never been tempted to go, but Jon thought we should check it out. We are not dancers, but it turned out to be a fun night. They had live entertainment in several areas of the building, dance instruction classes, formal pictures and lots of yummy food. I think this will be an annual tradition for us.
 Sunday morning the boys searched for their baskets from the Easter Bunny. They seemed very happy with their haul. We went to church and then headed to a family dinner that evening which included another Easter egg hunt. It was a fun and successful Easter.