Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Photos- Summer 2013

My friend/neighbor did inexpensive mini photo shoots all day last week so we took advantage of that and got some new family photos. It was only 9 in the morning, but it was a super hot day. Carver cried for most of the time. I thought it was his teeth, but he was happy and all smiles the second we got in the air conditioned car. Luckily we got a few photos before he was a complete disaster.


This may be my favorite photo of the day.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

They say when you marry in June......

I grew up watching 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I don't know how many times I have seen that show. It seems like whenever I here "June" I think of the song in that movie that says, "They say when you marry in June, your a bride, all your life." So there is a random comment for you. Here is what we were up to in June.
Payson Lakes. Actually this was at the very end of May, but we will count it as June.
This might be the first picture we have taken as a family of five. I hope that isn't true. We never took one all together when Carver was first born because the boys had the flu and we kept them away from the baby.
This kid and throwing rocks. Is there anything more exciting? Not to him. 
We walked around one of the main lakes and Shawn found this giant rock on the way. He carried it most of the way back to beach area so he could throw it in the water. 
Shawn is always wanting to sell things. A while back I caught him with a bag full of water from our hose and he was planning on selling it door-to-door. Our little entrepreneur. This day he was selling cupcakes and rice krispie treats. He sold out within 10 minutes. There's no watered-down lemonade at this stand. :) I am not certain how many of the items were actually sold instead of eaten by Evan.   (Please ignore our dead spots on the grass. Jon had a moment of insanity and used Round-Up on the dandelions. Yep, those suckers are dead!)
I love the view from our house
Shawn did soccer for the first time this year. He was really good at goalie. Other than that, well, he was really good at goalie. 
Our biggest challenge of the season was keeping Evan entertained enough that he didn't run away to the playground. The camera became a big part of that entertainment. 
My neighbor down the street had twins 3 months early. I had a chance to watch her other 3 kids several times while she went to the hospital to see the twins. This is her 3-year-old. Shawn and Jude love playing together and I had to post this picture because Evan's face made me laugh so hard I cried.
This pretty much sums up Evan
Shawn's new favorite thing to do is set the table. We often have a tablecloth at our meals these days. 
Jon was working from home one of those days that I had my friend's kids. He usually will work in the basement, but the kids were playing down there so this is where I found him. Poor guy. He needs a real office in our house. 
Amy and I took our kids to visit BYU, Brick Oven Pizza and Bridal Veil Falls.

This is one proud farmer. His first produce, green beans. They planted a bean at school and he brought it home to plant in our garden. He is so excited about it.
Have you ever seen so much love for a vegetable.

3 little bears, 3 amigos, 3 little pigs. Oh the possibilities.
I can't get enough of this cute face. Love him!