Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We did a lot of fun things in July. We took full advantage of the summer; which is the way I like it. We went on several hikes, Cowabunga Bay and some other activities that I didn't get pictures of, but rest assured, we had a great time.
We spent a few different days at Farm Country. Carver always likes looking at the horses, but freaks out when they start to move.  

We enjoyed a lot of time in our backyard, including picking and eating strawberries.
My grandpa grows the most amazing garden. We have been better this year about going over to help him pick and eat all that he grows.

Shawn has been talking about sewing his own pajama pants for a long time. He was so proud of himself when he finished.

 We went to our favorite splash pad in Highland. I made muffins to bring as a snack. Several times I caught this baby stealing one behind my back. I guess he liked them.

Seriously, this kid. Could he be any cuter?!?

Our neighborhood has an annual Canada Day parade. Kind of funny, but the kids love it.

I was making breakfast and heard Carver laughing so hard. I kept looking over to see what was so funny, but he was just staring at the cupboard. Finally, I saw the cupboard slowly open with Evan inside. These kids keep me laughing.

"Mom, I'm all ready for swim lessons"
This is where Carver hung out for the two weeks of swim lessons.

4th of July bike parade. I never got a picture of Shawn because he was too fast.

Homemade dunk tank at the neighborhood party.

Jon participated in the pie eating contest.

The results of the dunk tank

4th of July party with Jon's family

We went up in the canyon with my family one day. We found this cave, which my brother wanted to explore. He asked if he could take Shawn and Evan and I said "yes". That was one of those parenting fails. It was a super deep cave and had parts full of water. Nothing bad happened, but what if it had? There could have easily been a mountain lion living in there, a deep pool of water, a crazy person. Dumb!

Grandpa's stories always involve a tickle. Evan's laugh is the best!

My sisters and I met up at Tibble Fork Reservoir for our annual outing. It is such a beautiful setting and the kids had a blast. Well, expect when Carver tripped on a rock and ended up with his face in the dirt. 

I had to run an errand so I bent down to give Carver a hug. The other boys came running for a hug too and Jon caught this picture. I sure love these little boys that drive me crazy.

This is what happens when you get in a fight....with your nightstand. He now wants me to put a bench between his bed and the nightstand so when he falls out of bed he doesn't hit his face.

A picture from one of our hikes. Evan has started saying that he hates going in the mountains. Sorry Buddy, you better learn to love it because we will be up there a lot. 

That is one cool kid.