Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Boys

Evan: Evan is all over the place now. He pulls himself up to standing position any chance he gets. He loves to explore and go all over the house.
Only one more week of the helmet. Yay!

One of his favorite spots Every day he pulls everything out of my cupboards. I guess it is time to pull out the baby-proofing stuff.


Shawn coming up with his own contraption to make himself higher.....why you ask......

for this..... Buzz Lightyear got taken away and put on top of the entertainment center
and this is what happened
We decided to do some paper crafts yesterday. Here is Shawn's butterfly.
and his lion (which he said looked like mommy's hair)
We are loving the warmer weather and spent most of the day today outside. We all do so much better when we can do fun, warm outside activities. Yay for Spring!!!!!! (P.S. Jon thinks I am crazy every Spring when I turn into a giddy school girl. I just love Spring/Summer/Fall and I greatly dislike winter)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Belated Leprechaun Visit

The leprechauns decided to wait until Friday night to visit to allow Jon to be home when Shawn discovered the remnants of that visit. Shawn woke up and headed straight to the restroom like usual. He found a toilet full of green water because the leprechaun used his bathroom. Shawn refused to use the bathroom until I had flushed all the green away. Then we found gold candy scattered all over the house along with notes telling Shawn where to look for his stash of St. Patricks day goodies. The said stash was located in the dryer, which Shawn thought was so silly. The leprechaun knocked over chairs, made small messes, and turned our milk green.

Shawn was certain that the leprechaun was hiding somewhere in the house so he made me go through the whole house looking for him even outside and in the garage.
Shawn found many, many things that the leprechaun did that Jon and I weren't even aware of. Such as, putting a pen under the couch cushion, leaving a sock in the dryer, leaving some books on the floor, putting the bread in a different spot on the counter, leaving the lid off my lotion bottle, etc. Everything single thing that wasn't perfectly placed in the house was considered an act of the leprechaun. Shawn literally spent about 40 minutes going around the house looking for things the leprechaun did. Even to the point that he was going through his books to make sure the leprechaun didn't rip any pages. He just kept saying, "that silly leprechaun".
I had no idea that Shawn would love this holiday so much.
Shawn eating his "leprechaun cereal"Shawn was certain that the leprechaun had broke his bug he made even though Evan had just been playing with it.He also blamed the empty juice bottle on the leprechaun Shawn asked Jon to lift him up to see on top of the entertainment center. He needed to check for leprechauns, notes, or candy.
Just a random picture from the morning. We got a baby gate recently and Evan does not love being restricted form the stairs.

St. Patricks Day Dinner Party

We had a St. Patricks Day dinner party at our house. We invited the sister missionaries from my mission who still live close. We also let their husbands come along. It was a lot of fun to get together again. I haven't seen any of them since Sister Tobler's wedding last Spring. As we started talking about weddings I came to realize that the only wedding I wasn't pregnant as was my own. I was due any day with Shawn at Sister Olsen's wedding, I was barely pregnant with Evan at Sister Moore's wedding, and I had Evan about 2 weeks after Sister Tobler's wedding. Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent. It just made me realize that we need to plan times to get together more often.
Me, Tobler, Olsen, Moore
(well those aren't their last names anymore, but that seems more normal to me than calling them by their first names)

I waited until the last minute to figure out decorations so the stores didn't really have anything left. I ended up making my own pot of gold and buying some balloons (side note: how can places charge so much for balloons?!?)
Some of the food we had. Everybody was so nice to bring things to contribute to the dinner.
All the dinner guests except Will (Moore's husband) who was nice enough to take pictures for us. Unfortunately, she was too busy telling him to the turn the camera the other direction that she forgot to smile. :)
I didn't have enough seats for Shawn at the table. Even though he looks upset in this picture, he was thrilled to be able to sit in the living room and eat at his own little table.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cutie Pies

So my blog sounds a little bi-polar lately with loving my boys and then being frustrated with my boys. We definitely have way more good moments than bad moments. Those bad moments just seem to be REALLY bad moments. Between the snow earlier this week and Evan being sick with some sort of flu, we have spent the last few days inside. I have tried to do many things with the boys so they (and I) didn't go crazy. Hence my destroyed house, lack of clean laundry, etc. Here are some pictures of this week.
Shawn loves to lay by Evan, which is really cute until he lays on top of him and Evan starts screaming
We busted out the t-pee, tent, and tunnels to play in.I am not going to mention how long it took me to remember how to set up the tent.
Shawn really wanted me to put this picture in the blog. It may look innocent enough, but it is Shawn blocking Evan from being able to play on the Buzz Lightyear bike.You would never know that Evan threw up a few minutes after I took this picture. He is one happy little sick baby.
"Please Mommy, let us out of here"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Boarding School

Our trip to the store today left me wondering at what age you can send children to boarding school. I had the WORST shopping experience of my life today. We first went to a clothing store to try on a pair of jeans. Right when we got in the building Shawn started running around knocking over the manikins. Talking to him and trying to hold his hand wasn't helping so I finally bribed him with a chocolate if he was good while I tried on jeans and good at Walmart. He was good the rest of the time there.


When we got into the store he started running away again and acting terrible so I reminded him of the prize. He calmed down and was good for about 5 minutes in which time I got a few items, including a candy for him. Then he started acting up again so I put the candy back and told him he lost his chance because had enough warnings. Wow! You should have seen his breakdown. I am sure if anybody caught it on their cell phones you will see it on YouTube. He was flipping out. I tried to put him in the cart, but he instantly started hurting Evan which made Evan start to cry. I grabbed Shawn out of the cart and tried to carry him, but he pulled my hair and scratched my face so hard I was certain I was bleeding. We went straight to the front of the store to pay for my few items. The lady looked at me like I was a crazy mom and then asked what he was so mad about. When she heard all of this was over a candy she had a face of disbelief. After I struggled through the checkout stand, I started pushing the cart with one hand and holding Shawn down in the cart with the other. It wasn't working so I got him out of the cart and threw him over my shoulder. I walked out of the store, through the parking lot and to my car with Shawn hitting my back and pulling my hair and Evan in the cart screaming. I FINALLY got the kids in the car, shut the door, and screamed at a decibel that I have never heard come out of my mouth.

When we got home Shawn was put on the basement stairs for a 15 minute time out. By far the longest timeout he has ever had. Then I got the chance to hold Evan and see how he is. That is when I discovered the gash on the back of his neck that is bleeding. Okay, that is dramatic, it was just a bad scratch that does have a little trace of blood. So Shawn also lost his beloved monkey for the rest of the day.

It is a good thing that Evan is now asleep, Shawn is playing by himself, and I have a few minutes away from him.

How do all these other moms seem to have everything in control and have so much patience with their children?