Monday, April 7, 2014

March 2014

We visited my Grandma and Grandpa Jensen one day. The kids have so much fun running around their massive yard, playing in the sandbox, and learning new things from Grandpa. Shawn found some quality sticks in the yard and my grandpa is helping him cut off the side twigs to make it into a sword.

I went to help at the school and as I was walking down the hall I saw this kids story about leprechauns. I thought to myself, "I need to work with Shawn on his writing more. He can read well, but needs to improve his writing". I started looking around the hall for Shawn's leprechaun story and ended up back at this one which had Shawn written on the back. Haha! After looking at all the other kids' stories I am not worried about his writing anymore. :)  
I teach a preschool co-op with a few kids from the neighborhood. Tiff came on the last class before St. Patricks Day. A lady from her mission gave her and some other sisters this lovely outfit. She came in the door of my house and sprinkled gold candy on the kids and then taught them a leprechaun dance that she made up on the spot. I think she deserves the best aunt ever award for be willing to do it.

The week after Tiff got home from her mission, my family all headed down to Bryce Canyon. It was nice to go when there wasn't any snow since we usually go in February. We had a fun time and now Evan begs every day to go back.

We just bought a Thanksgiving Point annual pass. I have not been very tempted in the past to get one, but with the new children's museum opening soon and my boys being a little older, I thought it was a good time to get one. We have already gone several times and they are LOVING it! I am sure we are going to spend the entire summer in the farm country, gardens and children's gardens (with splash pad and activities and more). We will spend the winter in the dinosaur museum and children's museum. I am actually pretty excited for this pass. Doesn't hurt that it only takes us 10 minutes to get there. 

Carver has decided that I don't feed him fast enough and wants to take on the responsibility. Look at that proud little face.

Tiff got home at the beginning of March and we are so thrilled to have her back! Yay! Tiff's home! 

I made my first and last turkey this month. I had bought a turkey when they were on sale after Thanksgiving. I finally bit the bullet and made it. It turned out yummy, but I was so grossed out of manhandling a raw turkey that I am not sure I could do it again.
Having 1:00 church is the pits. Carver is always tired and grumpy during church and we get out so late that we don't get to do much after church. One morning we decided to do something before church so we drove to the Oquirrh mountain temple and just walked around. It was a beautiful morning.