Monday, August 30, 2010


We decided to go to Provo for FHE last week. We ate at Brick Oven, one of our favorites, then headed to BYU. We went to the Science Center and played with the experiments and showed Shawn around campus. It was fun to reminisce a bit. We love BYU. We both had so much fun the years we were at school. We met in a BYU ward and we graduated together just a couple months before Shawn was born. So here is a post to the best college on Earth. :)
Jon was trying to get Shawn to do a silly face with him
Evan enjoyed the outing as well. He can't wait to graduate from BYU in the year 2034.

Can you believe I have lived in UT most of my life and graduated from BYU and have never hiked to the Y
Shawn looks like he is dancing with the statue
He fits right in with the family
I tried to get a jumping shot, but Shawn can't jump very high :)

I don't know if this area existed while I was at school or if it is new, but I loved it. I would have studied here all the time if I had known about it. How can I get my yard to look like that? Maybe in a couple years. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Boy Turns 3

Shawn turned 3 on the 17th and it was three years ago today that we brought him home from the hospital. Jon and I had both just graduated from BYU before Shawn was born. We moved to Boise when he was only 3 weeks old. Shawn has lived in 4 different homes already and we hope to stay put for a long time now.
Shawn is such a sweet boy and we love watching him learn and grow. He can definitely be a terror and sometimes I think he is going to cause my insanity, but for the most part he is a really really good kid.
Shawn loves to go to the park, read books, color, play toys, ride bikes, go to nursery, and take baths. One of his favorite things is to help me clean. He has his own little vacuum and broom and he loves to wipe down the toilet. Wouldn't that be great if that lasted and he got really good at it.
We love Shawn and we are glad that he had a very happy birthday. In fact, he has informed me several times that he is ready for another birthday.
The festivities started with a trip to Build-A-Bear the day before the big day
He picked out the cheapest bear, but made up for it with accessories His favorite part of the the bear a bath. He kept going back to give him another bath. Even after we had paid and were leaving the store, he ran back for one more bath. Grandpa K. helped him get the bear all clean and ready to go. Thanks Grandma Robyn and Grandpa for "Buzz Bear". He loves it and sleeps with it every night (after he has dressed him in pajamas, of course) My first attempt at fondant. Shawn wanted to know why I put "owie things" in his cake. Some of the decorations
Hardest part of the evening.....trying to get all the kids to sit down so we could see the presents and take pictures. :)
Little James was more excited about all the presents than Shawn was
Enjoying his cake
The sandbox was a big hit
Shawn loved pin-the-tail on the donkey. I think he put 10 of the 20 tails on the poster.
Jack, Shawn, Aunt Tiff, and Donald Duck
He loves Mickey Mouse!
Testing out the new scooter and helmet
I can't believe he is 3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Father/Sons Campout

Jon and Shawn went to their first father/sons campout with our ward. Shawn was so so excited to go. Jon told him that if he was a good boy, they would go camping. All that day Shawn would ask me, "Mommy, am I being a good boy?" He talked about it for days after. I asked Jon what time they went to bed and he said, "We went to the tent about 11:00.....and then watched a movie." I guess Shawn finally told Jon that he wanted to go to sleep. Let's just say that I let Jon take care of him the next day since he decided to keep him up that late.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We had some pictures taken recently of the boys. I wanted to get some shots of Evan while he is still little and then get Shawn's "3 year" pictures done. Here are some of them.

He is only smiling so well because I bribed him with an icecream if he kept doing good smiles.

Shawn kept telling me after the photo shoot that he had to hold his brother tight so he wouldn't fall in the grass.
Shawn told me that this was not a comfy bed

Shawn really did love doing this pose
My friend Jen brought this cute hat for Evan to wear. I love it!
Evan didn't totally love being stuck in a box, but he was a good sport

Shawn thought it was so cool to hold his brother on the grass. What cute boys, if I do say so myself. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm in love.....

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!
Let me start out by saying that I have been wanting a new dining table since we moved into our house. Since it was on the bottom of our "things we need to buy" list I decided to turn to KSL. I knew that the only way I was going to get a new table is if I found an amazing deal. I faithfully watched KSL for about 6 months. I came across several good deals, but was always a little too late or it was a little too far. So a couple weeks ago I casually check my emails one Saturday morning and then decided to look at KSL real quick before making breakfast. I came across this table for sale. I couldn't believe my eyes! I called the guy (at 8 in the morning) and asked if he still had it. When he confirmed he had it, I told him we would be there immediately. All of us quickly changed (no showers, no breakfast) and headed to the guy's house. As we were driving I kept telling Jon, "I'm sure this was a typo" because that had happened to us before.
The guy selling it was a very wealthy lawyer who was moving and they just didn't want to deal with moving the table. They just posted it for cheap so it would sell fast.
So now let me tell you about the table. It is BEAUTIFUL! It has wood carving on the table and the legs. There are wood in-lays on the table. It is solid and well built. It gets to over 8 feet long with the leaf in the middle and it came with 8 nice chairs (6 regular and 2 arm chairs). Besides all that, I LOVE this table the most because I bought it for $150 dollars!!! Yep, that's right.....$1-5-0. You couldn't even buy one of the chairs for that much money at the furniture store.
I am so so happy to have my new table that matches our kitchen perfect and Jon is so so happy that I will now stop talking about getting a table. My diligence finally paid off. :)

And here it is...

This is the original fabric on the chairs

Jon and I reupholstered all the chairs and put plastic over the fabric (beige fabric with two boys was bound to be a problem)
Shawn really wanted a picture with him in it