Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween festivities started with a party the Saturday before with my family. We had a costume fashion show, games and lunch. The annual doughnut eating contest was a hit.

 I am sure that my sister Amy would kill me for posting this picture with her mouth wide open, but she doesn't really look at my blog so...oh well. I wanted to post this one of Evan trying so hard to eat his doughnut which got much harder when Alex kept grabbing it.
 That's better. Forget the no hands rule.
 We had to move the game indoors because the bees discovered us and wouldn't get off the doughnuts.
The night before Halloween we finally got a chance to carve pumpkins or color pumpkins in Evan's case.
We all hate cleaning out the pumpkins, but my boys are the worst at hiding their disgust.

 Our finished pumpkins. We tried to coach Shawn on how to do pumpkins freehand and tried to explain that he needed big enough spaces to let light in. His response, "I will do it as I wish so leave me be." Then he cried when we turned the lights off and hardly any light came through his tiny carvings. Don't worry, we helped him fix it. (Shawn's is in the far left of this picture)
 Halloween morning the boys watched a Halloween cartoon
I made some pumpkin pancakes, but Evan went to the cupboard and cried for this for breakfast instead.
  Finally it was time to go trick-or-treating. My cute little knight and dragon. Shawn claimed that the job of a knight is to protect dragons. I like that idea.
 Evan still wasn't sure what was happening.
 One more shot before letting them go. (Notice Shawn's pumpkin with the enlarged shapes)
 Heading off with a bunch of the daddy's and kids of the neighborhood.
I never got a picture of Jon in his costume. He was Bob Ross, the painter who used to be on PBS. He would paint the landscapes and often use the phrase, "happy little tree".

Happy Halloween!!!