Monday, February 20, 2012

Bryce Canyon 2012

My family went to Bryce Canyon every Presidents Day for as long as I can remember. This is our first year back since my mom got sick. I was pregnant with Shawn the last time we went. It would be an understatement to say I was excited for this vacation. I love Bryce Canyon! It is so beautiful and peaceful. The little hotel we stay at has a really fun country store, huge fireplace with couches, a pool and more. Shawn tried cross-country skiing and loved it. Shawn's favorite parts of the trip were swimming and throwing snowballs. Well, at least we drove 4.5 hours for him to do that. We had a blast though and we were sad to leave.
Driving down

Our first photo in the park
After throwing many snowballs while we took in the views, Shawn found himself a seat.
Most of my family came down for part of the time we were there. Evan loves being with Grandpa. At one point he was just sitting there yelling for "Gampa"
I let Shawn choose some of our poses

At the hotel they had a kids craft time so Shawn made a felt lizard and a button (which you see him coloring here)

Here are all the girls that came. Allison and James did not come, but don't feel bad for them, they were on a cruise.
Ever since Jon got his iphone he has turned into one of "those" people. The ones he and I used to make fun of because they couldn't go 5 minutes without checking their phones. Okay, he isn't that bad......I guess.
I wanted a picture of me kissing Evan's cheek, but he wanted nothing to do with that.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

For FHE the night before we wrote reasons we love each other on paper hearts. Followed by making and decorating heart sugar cookies. We let Even frost and sprinkle his own cookie which he thought was heaven.

Shawn was very proud of his creations

Thank you Pinterest for giving me the idea of sending my husband to work with a gift for every hour of the day
I must really love Jon since I woke up at 5:45 to make him breakfast and a sack lunch before he left for the day. Then I ran on the treadmill for several miles followed by making these strawberries (counter productive, I know). Made the kids breakfast and gave them baths. Which means that by 9:00 AM I didn't want to do anything else for the day. Shouldn't I have Valentines off from cooking and cleaning?
The table set for our "fancy" dinner.
Shawn making Evans and his heart shaped pizza
He decided to add a smily face at the last minute
family self-portrait
I took this picture of Evan eating dinner and then asked him to smile....
This is what I got. He isn't mad in this photo. This was his attempt to smile.
What happens when you let kids eat chocolate, candy, cookies all day....well you know. Luckily I have Jon who was willing to suffer the consequences of my bad parenting while I sat a watched T.V. for a little break. That's true love.
We had a fun-filled (more like chocolate-filled) Valentines Day. Hope yours was good as well.