Friday, February 25, 2011

Last Weekend

Last Friday I put on some music and started cleaning. Shawn still loves to help me clean so I sprayed our mirror and let him wipe it down. This is how I left him.....

Saturday night Jon and I went out to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. We wanted to go to the Melting Pot, but when we called for reservations they were completely booked for the night. Therefore, we ended up at The Roof Restaurant. I think it actually turned out to be a better option. The view was amazing and the food was really really good. Actually, I didn't eat much of the food because I wanted to save room for the abundance of dessert options. For those that don't know, it is a gourmet buffet type restaurant. So.....there were about 30 different desserts on display. Jon and I made sure to try many of them. Hence, my lack-luster weight loss for the week. It was well worth it though. Afterwards we did sealings at the temple which was fun for our anniversary. Thanks to Mom W. and Deanna for babysitting many hours. :)
Jon and I loved the creme brulee. I have decided that I need to learn how to make it. I can't believe I went so long without ever trying it. Thanks to our trip to Vegas last year for showing us the joys of creme brulee

We wanted the table right next to the window, but apparently people had reservations for all the tables along the window. :( .......Our view still wasn't too bad :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! We celebrated over several days. On Thursday Jon surprised me by bringing me flowers. I was having a rough day with the kids and was annoyed that he showed up late from work. Little did I know he was late because he stopped at the store to pick out some flowers for me. Oops.

On Friday we went to the 2nd Annual Sweethearts Ball in our city. It was at the golf course's country club right off the lake. We got to get all dressed up and head out for night of eating crepes and dancing. There was one slight problem....we don't dance. Neither of us are dancers so we ended up just laughing and pretending like we knew what to do. We also thought it was funny taking pictures before we left like it was prom night or something. Here are a few...

Robyn is out of town so Tiffany and my dad came over on Sunday for dinner. My dad brought us handmade Valentines. It was too cute. He attached little chocolate boxes on the boys and a gift card on one for Jon and me. Here is the note he wrote for Evan.

Evan checking out his chocolate box. Too bad he didn't get any of the chocolates. Jon and I let him know how they were.

We have had three earthquakes out here in the last week. They are strong enough to feel and shake things in our house. The first one happened while we were gone to the dance. I was talking to Shawn the next morning about what happened and he explained to me that the other houses in the neighborhood were bouncing around, they broke through our fence and bumped into our house and that is what made the house shake. I tried to get him to repeat the story to me on video. Funny how a kids mind works. P.S. he was very upset that the other houses would break our fence. (there was no damage to our fence or our house)
For the actual Valentines Day, Jon took work off so it was fun to have him home. We went to Kneaders for the french toast breakfast (our favorite). We went see a movie as a family. After the movie I called our dentist to see if I could change my apt. for the following day and he said he had one opening that afternoon. Therefore, I had an impromptu trip to the dentist. Who goes to the dentist on Valentines day?!? Then we just played Wii and hung out as a family the rest of the day. I thought it was an overall fun Valentines weekend.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin Fever

We have had cabin fever pretty bad for the last week. It has been way too cold to go out and play. Usually we try to go places during the day to do fun things. However, Evan has had a bad cold and with it being so freezing outside I didn't dare take him anywhere. Hence, the cabin fever. Here are just some of the things we have been up to at home.
We pulled out the ball pit thing. Both boys loved it and it lasted about 2 days until we had to put it back away due to Shawn's constant need to throw the balls at people's faces.
Evan would crawl into the ball pit himself and loved it. One day Shawn decided that he needed to clean off the fridge. He removed all the papers and magnets and wiped it all down. He also has started insisting on vacuuming with my vacuum instead of his toy one. Fine by me. :)
Evan likes to get into trouble. I swear he knows exactly what he isn't supposed to touch and he goes straight for it. He absolutely loves any cords he can find, the doorstops, and crawling into tight spaces.

Crawling underneath the chair to get to the cords for the computer. Luckily we got a new computer desk that should help with that problem.

He found a cord that goes to the DVD player that Shawn left out.
Playing under the coffee table with Shawn's hammer

His favorite doorstop in the house.

Crawling into the entertainment center to get himself some toys