Sunday, March 28, 2010

2nd Annual Girls Day

Yesterday was our 2nd annual girls day. We started the day at a bridal shower for our cousins' new fiancees. After stuffing our faces full at Aunt Gina's house we went to get our nails done at the beauty school. I was the lucky one to get the male manicurist. I haven't had a boy play with my hands that much since Jon and I were dating.
After getting our nails beautified, we headed downtown to try the much talked about Red Iguana Mexican Restaurant. It was delicious and the atmosphere was very.....colorful.
Then we headed to see the renovations at the capitol building. We didn't see a single thing different, but it was fun to just walk around since none of us had been there in a long time.
We tried to go to the Olympic Visitor Center at the U of U, but it was closed. So we headed to do some shopping at Trolley Square.
After shopping a bit we headed to dinner at Market Street Grill. I really liked the fish and I am not a big fish person. After getting sickly full for the 3rd time that day we decided we were all getting tired and headed home.
It was so fun to spend the day with just the girls and have a little break from the normal routine. Thanks to our husbands for taking care of the kids and the houses. Maybe we should make this a biannual event.
Robyn, Jessica, Amy, Me, Tiffany on the steps of the Capitol Building

Jessica and Tiff
Red Iguana. "I've got to hurry and eat before my body registers that I am full." -Tiffany

Amy and I shared a meal at Market Street Grille. They brought her out a plate so we could split our food. They were nice enough to give her her own lemon and tarter sauce. We had to take a picture though because it looks like that is all she ordered.

Getting my nails done. While getting my nails done I also got many beauty tips about how to keep my nails nice and how to avoid wrinkles. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Random update

I don't really have anything to blog about so I decided to post some random pictures from the last few weeks.
We put the crib back together in preparations for the baby. Shawn has decided it is his personal hangout and frequently requests that we put a blanket over the crib. He will stay in there and read books or play toys. Why didn't he love the crib that much when it was his bed?
Poking his head out for a minute to make sure I was still around.
I bought a grass tip for cake decorating and decided to try it out. Was going to just have grass all around the cake, but decided to add Elmo at the last minute. I call this Elmo's Easter egg hunt.
I went to a Relief Society activity and came home to this. I thought it was pretty cute.
I saw this Easter craft online and decided to try it. I would like to say that this was a really fun and easy project, but I would be lying. The only reason I finished the project is because I bought the stuff for it and didn't want it to go to waste.