Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trip to Ogden

Amy and I brought our kids with us to visit their Great-Great-Grandma C. in Ogden. Afterwards we headed to the local childrens museum to reward them for the long drive and sitting still at the nursing home.
I liked the Treehouse Museum way better than the childrens museum in Salt Lake for several reasons:
1. It was more fun for Shawn. It was focused on dress up and play instead of science experiments that he didn't understand
2. It wasn't busy and we could actually do the activities without kids pushing Shawn out of the way.
3. It was WAY cheaper. I think the one in salt lake is $8 a person and with Jon's work discount we got in for a total of $5.
4. Parking was free
I love my Grandma C. She is in her late 90s and still has a great sense of humor. Shawn wouldn't get in the picture and it looks like if Evan had the choice he wouldn't be in it either.
James doesn't hide his feelings well about not being the driver

Shawn's favorite part, by far, was the baby nursery where he could dress like a doctor and take care of the babies. James and Natalie went on the other things, but we were in this one section for probably 20 minutes.

Future president (actually I don't think I would want him to go into politics)
Let's not think about how many other kids mouths have been on that plastic watermelon
I love this picture
Water actually squirts out of the cow when you milk it
James and Shawn took school very seriously
A couple indians and apparently a pilgrim in a teepee

I thought this place was really fun and I wish it was closer so we could go there more often.