Sunday, July 27, 2014

May and June

I finally have a moment on this Sunday afternoon to update the blog. Thanks Honey for playing with the kids right now. I have uploaded over 60 photos to cover all of May and June. Since it is mostly only family that looks at my blog I figured I could get away with doing a massive photo overload.
Beginning of May brought Evan's 4th birthday. I love this spunky, funny, sweet little smart mouth. All he wanted for his birthday was a trip to a hotel with a playground and pool. We took that opportunity to take a vacation to St. George. We found a hotel with 2 pools and 2 playgrounds so he was in heaven.
The morning of his 4th birthday. 
Thanks Shawn for pointing out that 2+2=4. 

He wanted Costco muffins for his birthday breakfast. Man, I love this kid. I don't have to plan a birthday party and now I don't have to make a big fancy breakfast. 

Right after breakfast we headed over to the very first preview day of the new children's museum. It was amazing! Blew my expectations out of the water. We all loved it! 

We drove straight to St. George from the museum. Jon's sisters Deanna and Jenny came with us and it was a lot of fun! Except for all the looks from the people in St. George trying to figure out if we were polygamist. We went out for pizza that night and they made Evan a pizza in the shape of a 4.

Oops, one more from the museum.

St. George family photo

Another shot from the museum. Thanks Blogger for being a pain in the butt again.

This boy was happy with his pools. One outside
and one inside

And an afternoon at a splash pad

Looks like we will be doing photos at random. Who has the time to deal with Blogger issues? Not me!
Carver and I hanging out in St. George

I was outside talking with a neighbor and came in to find Evan helping his friend and himself to some ice cream.

We went for a walk/bike ride along the Jordan River. Shawn came to a quick stop and said, "Let's take a moment to enjoy this beauty" 

Shawn asks nearly every day if he can sell something. This day he was trying to sell rocks. The business was not going well until.....

he spray painted them gold. Business really picked up.

We went to a piano concert at Thanksgiving Point. 

Jon decided to take us on a trip downtown using the Frontrunner train. Evan thought it was awesome! Shawn looked terrified the entire ride.

Carver has been turned into the Cinderella of our family. Always sweeping, mopping, vacuuming.

We visited my mom's grave for Memorial Day. Shawn is always very sweet when we go there and asks lots of questions. I loved this picture because it shows the little bird house that my grandma made and brought up. She has hundreds of homemade bird houses all around her home. There was just something so sweet about it. Poor grandma, you should never outlive your child.

Last day of school! Shawn walked to and from school every day with this little friend. They were so cute together, especially on the days that it rained and they shared an umbrella.

 Shawn's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Stites

What a great brother

This beautiful park in Cedar Hills is one of our favorite places to play in the Spring. There's a fun little stream, lots of shade, and a playground.

Farm days at Thanksgiving Point. Now that's a good dad!

Shawn is starting to get frustrated when I tell him what to wear or not wear so he ends up going out of the house like this often.

Carver is the worst climber I have had. I am not sure how to stop him.

Waking up Daddy is hard work!

Carver loves to wake up his brothers. He whacks them on the back until they move over enough for him to climb up.

We love spending time in the mountains in the summer. Love it!

 A little birthday party for Evan with our families.

 The free children's museum in St. George was surprisingly fun. The kids thought it was great!

Evan's soccer team

More pictures from the Thanksgiving Point concert

Another picture of the train ride.

It's about time they learned how to start a campfire.

Picking cherries at my Grandpa's house

My little walking partner

 Morning cartoons

This is the hairdo that Evan really wants

Jon's sisters took our older boys to a work party and came home with these awesome balloons. They thought the party was amazing!