Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Shawn

We had Shawn's much anticipated pirate birthday party today. He has been talking about this for months and was so excited that the day was finally here. We really love Shawn. Even though he likes to test our patience, we really enjoy having him around. He is so funny and creative. Of course we think he is super smart and talented. He comes up with such deep questions that I am often telling him to ask Daddy when he gets home. He still loves to be cuddled and hold hands. He has a great love for his little brother even if it is expressed in aggressive ways at times. He is so loving and lovable. Multiple times a day he will tell me he loves me and that he thinks I am a nice mommy. It is usually right after I get mad at him that he tells me this. Either he is super smart to realize that calms me down or he just is really innocent. I am glad to have him as my son and I am so proud of him. I love my little Shawn Boy.
I had full intentions of doing a fondant cake, but a time crunch made it into this cake instead
Coloring pages, decorating treasure chests and more
Little pirates
Games: seeing how many pretzels you can pick up with a pirate hook
The group getting ready for the treasure hunt
Buried treasure was found in the sandboxOpening presents

New Bike!
Our pirate family

Shawn really wanted to put together his new table and chairs himself

Bear Lake 2011

Once again we headed to Bear Lake. We usually go for about a week, but only went a couple days this year. I wish we had been there longer and I plan on fixing that next year. We have gone to Bear Lake every year since I was about 12 and I love it.
Stopping in Evanston for a break
I think Evan enjoyed the sand as much as Shawn this year and he only ate it about 6 times. :)
Busy filling up buckets (looks like it's time to get a bigger swimsuit)
Notice the sand all over his face
I took Shawn out on the kayaks. I guess it would have been a good idea to teach him how before we got on the water. That way we wouldn't have ended up stuck in the rocks the whole time.
You have to love the sunsets on the water
Sisters on the boat
Jon also took Shawn out on the Kayaks, but he tied Shawn's to his own so he was able to just pull Shawn along. Much better idea.
Stopping for a chat

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Reason I LOVE Summer!

I grew up camping with my family and I love it. There is something about being in nature and enjoying God's creations that is refreshing. I do, however, find it not as relaxing with little kids. It is hard to keep a constant eye on them. Plus the factor of my paranoia that makes me worry about bears, crazy people, or simply my gets getting too cold. It was fun to get away into the mountains none the less. Shawn has been asking to go camping since about February so he was thrilled.
Setting up camp

Watching the process
After setting up the camp we went for a little walk round a nearby lake.
Back at camp, Shawn decided to go around tickling everyone's necks with this leaf. I am sure it was appreciated. :)
Heading out for a little hike with Grandpa
Tiff, Shawn, and Jack
We celebrated Shawn and Natalie's birthdays with a camping cake and presents. These two little cuties were born 1 day apart. They would have probably been born the same day if I hadn't begged the doctor to induce me the day before.
Jon was lucky enough to get one of the trees
Opening presents together (this is what happens when you take a picture through smoke)
Grandpa and Grandma K. gave Shawn his own golfing set. I see many golfing trips with Grandpa in his future.
I seem to remember a picture exactly like this a couple years ago while camping with these boys.
Heading out for a morning hike with Grandma and Grandpa. Look how cute Shawn and Natalie are walking.
You would think that Evan is giving a sweet little wave when in fact this picture was taken mid tantrum when he was trying to throw something we gave him. Grumpy little morning boy.
But milk, tainted with a little hot chocolate makes things all better.
Playing in the tent with one of the Shawn's new toys

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Love

Shawn saw his good friend McKinley (Buster) at church yesterday, leaned over to me and whispered, "Buster looks so pretty today". I told him he should tell her when they got to primary class. After church we were on our way to family dinner when Shawn remembered that he never told her that she looked pretty so he insisted upon calling her. When she got on the phone he said, "Hi Buster, I wanted to call you....and also......I needed to tell looked pretty at church today somehow."
It was so cute and sweet. However, it's funny how that one word "somehow" could ruin a perfectly good compliment.