Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April 2014

General Conference weekend. We built "tents" like the people of King Benjamin did to listen to the prophet. Grandma Robyn sent the kids a general conference packet to do while they listened and the boys thought it was great.
When they got tired of the tent and the packet they turned to some of Jon's toys from when he was a kid. That kept them busy for a while. 

Carver found other ways to entertain himself.
We are loving our Thanksgiving Point passes. We went to the tulip festival several times. The flowers were different every time. 

Amy and I took the kids to BYU as one of our spring break activities. It was always a lot of fun to walk around BYU campus again. Great memories!  
During spring break the kids had their first golf lesson of the season. They take golfing very serious. It always helps when grandpa brings treats to bribe them to listen carefully to his instructions.  
Shawn is doing great with his golfing. My dad says he is a natural and really thinks Shawn has a lot of potential. Shawn seems to really enjoy it too.

We went and checked out the flowers at Temple Square. Amazing! 

I thought this picture was too funny because it showed each boys personalities perfectly. 
Look how sweet Shawn is. He really is sweet most of the time until he lets his inner Hulk out. 
Jon and I went to the annual traditions ball at BYU again. It was fun, not as fun as last year, but still fun. It was just nice to have a night out together.

I took Shawn to Boondocks for our date. He hit the jackpot on one of the games and over 300 tickets. That was one excited boy! 

FotoFly was having a promotion when I got Carver's birthday pictures done. The promotion made it possible for me to get these Easter pictures at Thanksgiving Point done for free. I loved the photographer because he was able to get Evan to smile. Not only smile, but a genuine smile. 

I also got a date this month with this handsome little man. I let him use the booster seat instead of the 5 point harness and he thought that was pretty much the best thing ever. We also went to Boondocks and he loved that I just handed him tokens and let him play and do whatever he wanted. 
We checked out the city's Easter egg hunt. Too crowded! I think we will stick with my family's egg hunt and call it good. 

Evan started soccer. As you can see, he was not thrilled with the idea.
And here he is half way through the game. He was loving it so much he decided to push his own teammates out of the way in order to get the ball.

Carver loves to just look out the window. Most of my windows are pulled up at all times. Then I caught this picture. Of course! That is where he gets it from. Love my boys.

Well, soccer in the rain was not a success.

We have had a lot of bad attitudes and grumpy family members lately (see above photo). I decided to do a Family Home Evening lesson on anger. I used Angry Birds as my examples. Each type of bird represented a different bad quality. We talked about not letting ourselves get to the angry bird stage and then ate this angry bird fruit pizza.  

Carver is loving the outdoors. This kid would spend all day outside if I let him. 

Morning chat over a fruit popsicle. Yes, they are eating popsicles at 10:00. It was one of those mornings. 
Shawn decided that Easter egg hunts were too fun to only do on Easter. He kept all the empty plastic eggs and then hosted MANY egg hunts for his little brothers. They had a blast and didn't even care that their was nothing in the eggs.
I hope you had a good April and a  wonderful Easter!