Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiff Time

We spent a lot of time with my sister Tiffany during the month of August. Three weeks before her mission departure date she actually decided she was going to go instead of getting engaged. Which means, that we had 3 weeks to get EVERYTHING ready for her mission when usually you have several months to prepare. Things were CRAZY. A lot of the time was spent shopping, planning, preparing for farewell party, but we did get some fun in there too. One afternoon we went up to Snowbird Resort and did the tram ride. See pictures below. :)

The day before Tiff left we spent HOURS shopping and then did all of her packing that night. Evan was very helpful with climbing in and out of the suitcases and unfolding and unrolling everything we did. I took the kids home to Jon the moment he was done with work.

Seeing Tiff off at the airport

Tiff with all of her nephews and niece at the time.

Shawn's T-ball Season

Shawn loved playing t-ball this year. Jon and I have both spent a lot of time with Shawn practicing baseball which actually made it harder for him to hit off the tee since he was used to us pitching it. He had several amazing hits into the outfield. We only saw one other kid hit balls into the outfield the entire season. I wish I would have caught those on video, but of course I didn't. Here are just a few of the photos I took at several games.
Waiting to run

entertaining himself with bubble blowing

Do you know what a good after-game treat is....fresh picked tomato straight from the garden

He always did a couple practice swings before his official hit

End of the season with his much beloved gold medal

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

We had a really great time in Bear Lake this year. My brother James and his wife Allison were able to fly in from Texas to be with us. We love having them around and constantly try to tempt them into moving back to Utah. The weather was perfect and the lake was actually warm. I have been going to Bear Lake every year for about 15 years now and have never had the water be warm. I could have used a few more days there.

Playing lawn games with Allison, Tiff and James

A little baseball time with Daddy

Until the afternoon rain storm came in

Swinging at the playground on the beach right before bedtime

A traditional cheesy couple shot

Insisting that he be allowed to blow up the raft
Playing in the sun and sand
Until that got too tiring

Hiking with the whole family. Good thing Grandpa was willing to carry boys with tired legs

Best part of the hike: seeing so many ROCKS!
Another afternoon lighting storm that was so intense we were watching the crazy people running on the lawn to see if they were going to be struck dead.
Evan did not enjoy the thunder and ran to Grandpa for some cuddles

Apparently the older kids agreed. After realizing they were missing, we found them hiding in a back bedroom under this blanket to try to stay away from the lighting.

Cheesy shot for James and Allison. Dang it! They look cuter than Jon and me.

Tiff insisted on staying out in the heavy rain (no lighting) to prove that she was ready for the Ireland/Scotland weather of her mission.

Thanks Bear Lake for another great vacation!