Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You better watch out, you better not cry...

My kids are terrified of Santa. Shawn loves loves loves to watch Santa from a distance and talk about him and sing about him, but won't have anything to do with him up close. Santa stopped by to visit at the ward party and here are the pictures I got.....

Shawn is practically falling off the stage trying to get as far away as possible.

Here is a close up of his face

Evan is such a mild mannered baby. He never ever cries when we hand him off to people. However, this is how he felt when he took one look at Santa.

Oh well, Santa wasn't offended and still came to our house this year.

Christmas Eve Festivities

Evan was sick for the week before Christmas with a cold and then we took him to the Instacare the morning of Christmas Eve and found out he had an ear infection, which was making him miserable. Jon's family was nice enough to change the plans and exchange gifts at our house so Evan could sleep well in his bed.
This is the only picture I got of my Mother-in-law and sisters-in-law together. The new dress Deanna got.
The haul that they brought
The surprise face Jon fakes when I tell him to look excited
Evan finally woke up towards the end of opening gifts

He was much happier after a few minutes
I told Deanna (sis-in-law) that I wanted Biggest Loser for the Wii. My mom-in-law bought it for me. When I opened it, I looked at her and said, "what are you saying?" I think I about gave her a heart attack. I wish I would have gotten her reaction on camera. Sorry Mom W. for doing that to you. I really am excited to have that to work out in the winters.
After gift exchange with Jon's family we went up to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner and program. Here is the food.
Sisters on Christmas Eve

Jon and Evan during the program
Tiff with her arm around her future husband

Christmas Morning 2010

We had a great Christmas day. We started by opening gifts at our house from Santa and from each other. Of course, Shawn slept in the one day we didn't want him to and we ended up having to wake him up. He was so excited that Santa came and kept asking if Santa was still on the roof and if his reindeers had come with him. Right when he saw the presents he said, "let's get one for Evan to open". What a little sweetheart.
Christmas morning before the festivities began
Evan with a few of his new toys and hat
Shawn with his "pillow pet". He really wanted a pillow pet, but Santa found this bigger "pillow pet" thing at Costco that was even cheaper than the little ones. He was really excited to get it.
Checking out his new tools. Yes, those are towells in the background. I wanted towells for my bathroom, but not for Christmas. Luckily that was just the beginning of the presents and Jon/Santa got me some really great stuff.

Christmas Morning at Grandma and Grandpas

After we opened gifts and played for a little bit, we headed to breakfast at my parents house. Shawn insisted on bringing his pillow pet and insisted that it sit on his lap.

Evan was still not feeling well due to the ear infection

But it was nothing that a little medicine couldn't fix
We had James and Allison this year and one of the things they asked for was games. How could I pass up a games called "Nabbit". Luckily they loved it!
Our matchy matchy family

We got together as siblings to have a Christmas tribute night for my mom. We shared some favorite memories, stories of Christmases, and home videos. There were lots of laughs and some tears. I thought it turned out to be a fun night and it was nice to be get together and talk about my mom so much. I love my siblings and consider them all to be my good friends.

We took this picture after Jessica and Antoine took home their kids so J.P. and Amy could stay longer.
Photo with just the siblings.
When Jon say this picture he asked why all us girls are so short compared to my brothers. Did I need to remind him that my brothers are 6'5" and 6'7"?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Temple Square 2010

We took advantage of the warmer weather on Monday and went to see the lights at Temple Square. Shawn decided we could not take any pictures of him until he had found his favorite tree. So for about 1/2 the time he stood to the side while we took pictures.

Obviously these pictures are out of order because Shawn is in this one Since Evan refused to turn his head towards the camera I had to turn for him.
Jon and I went to temple square for our first official date and we got engaged at the Christmas lights 5 years ago.
This is the declared favorite tree by Shawn.

I took several pictures in this spot and Evan was cheesing it up the whole time. I loved it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Hair and A New House

I decided to dye my hair dark for a change. I was getting sick of my regular hair. I was also supposed to get a haircut. However, my stylist decided to charge me for the extra dye she had to use because my hair is so thick. She told me this AFTER she was done with coloring it. So I told her I couldn't afford to do both and would not get my hair cut. I have been a little frustrated with her lately and I think that was the last straw. Therefore, if you have a recommendation for a new stylist I would appreciate it.
This picture is just random, but funny

Shawn and I built a gingerbread house last night. Apparently I take this task very seriously.
This is what happens when Jon is the one taking pictures
Our completed new house
Shawn really did eat a lot of the candy and the icing, which, by the way, was disgusting. This was a fun little activity and Shawn LOVED it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Festival of Trees

Friday we took Evan to the head doctor (my term for him). It turns out that Evan is going to have to go through helmet therapy since his ears are completely in different spots on his head. He will have to wear it for at least three months so I am sure you will be seeing a lot of pictures with him in it for the next little while. Anyway, after his appointment we stopped for Cafe Rio and when we got back in the car I asked Jon if he had grabbed a mint for me. He opened the pocket in his sweatshirt and there were about 20 in there. I just started laughing and had to take a picture.

Then we decided to stop and check out the festival of trees. It's amazing how many trees they have there to see. I think I enjoyed looking at the wreaths and the gingerbread houses even more than the trees. They also had a kids area where Shawn got this lovely balloon hat.

Evan wasn't too excited about being there, but he was a very good baby while we looked at everything. (He did, however, enjoy the taste of fudge I gave him)
I would love to own a house like this in real life. I think it is so so cute with the wrap around porch and everything. And if it was made out of giant candy, I would be okay with that too.

Shawn has been totally fascinated with nutcrackers lately. He was overjoyed to see this giant one and was sorely disappointed when he didn't have a stick to make his mouth open. This is a picture of him trying to stand exactly like the nutcracker.
This is Jon trying to fix the nutcracker after Shawn ripped off the rope on its shoulder.
And this picture has no relevance to the rest of the post: I let Shawn pick out a toy for Evan at the store and then let him wrap it completely by himself. He was so thrilled to do this. I bet you would never guess that under that wrapping is a perfectly square box. Every day since he tells me, "Mommy, it's Christmas! Evan can open his present now." Poor kid, its going to be a long December for him.