Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surprise Getaway

Last weekend Jon and I got my sister to watch our kids for a date night. Jon wouldn't tell me where we were going but said we should dress up a little (not jeans and a t-shirt). Then right before we left he told me I might want to pack a bag. He had arranged for an overnight getaway downtown. He really wanted to pull the whole thing off as a surprise, but could not figure out how to pack a bag for me. Apparently the idea of trying to figure out all my hair, makeup, and clothes needs was too overwhelming.
We walked around downtown for a little while before our reservations at The Roof. The views of temple square from The Roof Restaurant are unbeatable. They have delicious food and even yummier dessert. It was a fun and romantic dinner.
Afterwards I was trying to talk Jon into going to a movie or going somewhere else because we didn't have the kids and could stay out as late as we wanted. He convinced me to go check into the hotel and then decide from there. As we drove in the direction of the Grand America I tried not to get my expectations up. I have always wanted to stay there, but it just seemed too expensive (especially when you can just sleep at your own house 30 minutes away). However, Jon was able to get a great deal through his work so we were both happy. As we drove in I was so excited and Jon said he wished he had the camera to capture the look on my face. I was SO glad he talked me into not going to a movie. As Jon was checking us in I was checking out the lobby with the gigantic flower arrangement that smelled divine and I mozzied (is that how you spell it) on over to the little table with free cookies and drinks. We took our stuff up to our room which had a king bed, beautiful living room, marble bathroom and amazing views of the mountains. Then we toured the hotel. Everything was gorgeous.
The next morning we considered having the breakfast buffet at the hotel, but neither of us were hungry still because of how much we ate at The Roof. Instead we decided to head to Einstein Bagels, but on the way there we passed Backers Bakery, which happens to be my grandpa's favorite place since he was little. It has been in business for over 70 years. I remember getting their cakes all the time for my grandpa's birthday and my cousin Jenae and I would fight over who got the pretty pink flower. How could we not go there for a little breakfast treat.
I am such a lucky girl. Jon is so good to me and really knows how to make me happy. I felt so loved that he would plan a special night away especially when I know how much he hates to spend money. :) What a great husband I have!