Thursday, October 3, 2013


Our biggest event from September was going to Disneyland. The rest of the month just flew by.

We canned peaches before leaving for California. My wonderful husband recorded the first football game of the season so he could help me can peaches. He doesn't really watch football very often so it was nice of him to put off one of the few games he watches.

I found these sweet glasses on sale and couldn't pass them up

My good friend Jen Hansen throws the most amazing kid parties. This one had a Wizard of Oz theme and it was outstanding. They also brought in a petting zoo and pony rides. The boys thought it was the best party ever.

We spent a lot of time outside. Great family, great weather, great view, makes me happy.

And this little cutie just keeps getting bigger and wigglier. I am nervous for when he starts crawling.