Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Shawn and Evan fight over who gets to hold Carver. Shawn will hold him for a long time and will rock him to sleep. Unlike most kids, he isn't phased by fussiness.

I love to watch babies sleep. Is there anything better? 

I also love this little face. Evan is a lot of work, but he is also so much fun. He makes me laugh out loud every day. I often wonder what he is going to be like when he grows up. 
The kids enjoyed sledding with Uncle James when he came to town for my Grandpa's funeral
Since James and Allison were in town, we decided to bless Carver at our home.
Carver's first day at church

Don't you love this face??
even when it looks like this  :)   (Evan is sitting at the computer with me and he is calling these photos the "nice Evan" and the "mad Evan")
Shawn and Evan made a fort under our table with Christmas lights and everything
They insisted that Carver come in to check it out
At least this kid uses his imagination when he gets bored
The leprechaun left a few fun things for the boys on St. Patricks Day
I love it when babies start to smile. It is just the start of the fun.

I would like to thank Pinterest for this epic fail of a science project. Oh well, the boys still had fun
Shawn really loves his baby brother

Shawn and Evan made a slide going down the stairs
Videos of sledding