Friday, January 30, 2009


Happy 29th Birthday Honey! I hope you have a really great day even if you have to work most of it. I can't believe it was 6 years ago that we celebrated your birthday together for the first time. I love you more with every year that passes. "Sretan Rodendan a ti, sretan rodendan a ti, sretan rodendan Jon, sretan rodendan a ti." ("happy birthday" song in Croatian)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An epiphany only 18 months late :)

This is a super easy Valentines wreath that I made the other day. The reason I am posting a picture of it is the story that goes behind it. I was sitting at my kitchen table working on it when I stopped and starting thinking. I had a monitor on the table listening to Shawn sleep in the other room. I could hear my laundry being washed down the hall and could smell the bread I was baking in the oven. I looked down at the craft I was working on in my spare time and thought, "Holy Cow! I really am a homemaker." This may not seem like a big deal, but it was a weird realization for me. It was a bit late considering it has been this way for about a year and half now. :)
Speaking of bread, this is what happened when I forgot to lock the cupboard behind me while I was making the bread. The last couple of days Shawn has been in this funny mood where he likes to sit in his toy bag with his toys. He will drag it around the house and then beg me to put him in it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Break

We were able to spend two whole weeks with our families over the break. We did a lot of fun things and spent too much time just relaxing. We had a great Christmas and we hope you did too. I have added several new post to catch you up.

Shawn and I on the day we went sledding

My sister Tiffany texting while we sled. Typical teenager :)

Aunt Tiffany and Shawn

Jon and Shawn sledding

Christmas Eve day with Jon's family

This was actually the 23rd of December (our five year anniversary of our first date). We went up the This is the Place Monument Park. They had an old town Christmas celebration. It was a lot of fun and we want to make it a tradition now. It really put us in the Christmas mood with the carolers, free cider, small train rides, old fashioned candy, Santa with real reindeer, and a live nativity scene. We loved it.

One of the first toys Shawn opened. From the look on his face I think he likes it.

Shawn got a horse from his Aunt Deanna. This is him talking on his new cell phone sitting on his horse. (side note: once Shawn opened his cell phone from Grandma he wasn't really interested in opening anything else. He loved it.)

Our cute little present.

Shaw trying to take Grandma's present away from her. He had a hard time realizing that not all the presents were for him.

I thought Jon would appreciate me putting in a close up of him. :) Good lookin' guy.

Shawn also got toys keys that he tried to use to unlock the front door and get out.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

Shawn's little cousins (Jack and James) were very entertained by these boxes during our Christmas Eve family program. (Background: Allison, James, J.P., and Jessica)

Grandpa, Grandma, James, Amy, Jenae and Austin

Christmas morning with my family. Nobody is looking at the camera, but I love how it shows everyone sitting everywhere.

Jon wanted a picture to show what kind of day it was that day. We could hardly get anywhere, the roads were so bad.

My dad opening one of the gifts. Sitting next to him is his fiancee, Robyn. Then the partial shot of Amy and little James.

Christmas Afternoon

We spent Christmas afternoon with Jon's family at his uncles house. We played games for prizes and had lots of yummy food.

How could I not post this picture

This is where Shawn finally learned to go down stairs on his own

Shawn's Christmas outfit that says "Santa, I really tried this year, honest"

Zoo Lights

We went to the zoo lights with my family one of the nights we were there. We were surprised at how many lights they had up. Almost all the animals were asleep or not in sight. Good thing they had a whole bunch of fake animal light displays.

Grandpa trying to keep Shawn warm


We went with my family to the aquarium near my dad's house. It has been there for years and we have never gone before. I thought it was fun and interesting, maybe $5 interesting, not $8. Hey, I think that is what we paid to get into the Seattle Aquarium. Hmmm, not really the same.

My attempt at a fish face

Jon's attempt at a fish face

Can't think of any comments to add

This is what my dad's backyard looked like the day we left. It was such a perfect day.