Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend in Vegas

Jon and I went to Vegas last weekend to celebrate his 30th birthday. I tried to plan the whole thing as a surprise. I did have to tell him we were going out of town and that we were driving to the location because we needed to get our car fixed before we left. He was pretty sure we were going to Vegas because there aren't a lot of places to go in the winter within driving distance. I wanted him to be somewhat surprised so when we got to St. George I told him that we had to get off a specific exit. Then I gave him directions of where to turn and things. I had him convinced that we were staying in St. George. However, I simply led him to a gas station because we needed more gas before heading to Vegas. All I have to say is that it is a good thing I didn't plan the trip to St. George because you should have seen the disappointed look on his face. Jon does not hide his feelings well.

We had a great time in Vegas and were able to see/do a lot of fun things, despite the fact that I had to sit down about every 10 minutes due to numb legs and an aching back (love the side effects of pregnancy). It was nice to get away and have some time with just the two of us before the baby comes.

Happy Birthday Honey! Sorry you have to be so old when I still have a few years left in my 20s. I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend. I love you more with every passing year.

Outside the Monte Carlo where we got an amazing deal thanks to my cousin.

Checking out the Bellagio

We ate at the Bellagio Buffet which we heard was the best one in Vegas and I have to agree. They had all sorts of amazing different food. They had a sea food section with several types of crab legs, shrimp, etc. However, our favorite part was the dessert bar. I had to take a picture of what we got. Yes, we did taste pretty much every dessert. From this experience I learned that I love Creme Brulee.

Waiting for the water show after dinner outside the Bellagio Fountain in front of Paris hotel
View of water show from top of Eiffel Tower

Checking out more of the strip the next morning
In Front of NY/NY
Hanging out with some celebrities

At the Venetian Hotel. You can't see the gondola in the background very well.
Inside the Venetian
Birthday dinner at a restaurant along the canal in the Venetian
Outside the Mirage. I told Jon I want a waterfall like this in our backyard one day. He then went on to explain to me the cost of a water pump that large, let alone all the other expenses. :)
Waiting for the volcano show outside the Mirage

Monday, January 25, 2010

Discovery Gateway

We went to Discovery Gateway a couple weeks ago for the first time. There were two schools there on field trips and it was crazy busy. I don't think they should allow so many kids in at once. I felt like talking to a manager about getting our money back or half off or something because we couldn't hardly get to half of the things. Even Shawn said, "There are too many friends!" The mother bear came out in me a few times when the school kids would push Shawn out of the way or take something from him. Anyway, I wasn't intending on going off about that, but it was frustrating. Shawn loved playing with everything we could get to especially the little town that was kid sized.
Although you can't tell in this picture, pumping gas was Shawn's favorite activity. We had a wait a long time for his turn to do it and he thought it was the greatest thing. You can see Jon's shoe standing right behind him so a kid couldn't take it away.
This is a full size fake horse that was also a favorite. As soon as Shawn got on it, two other kids jumped on behind him in the saddle. We ended up just petting the horse and saying hi.

I thought this picture was funny because both of them are giving me their cheesy fake smiles.

Shawn was very content on sitting in the back of the helicopter for a long time.

This is Shawn "flying" the helicopter. When he was done I asked him if it was fun to fly and he said, "yeah, it no work"

Another part of the kid size town was a grocery store. There was only one shopping cart while we were there so we had to wait and then quickly steal it away as soon as it was abandoned. This is Shawn's proud face after doing his shopping.

Shawn checking out at cash register
Despite how busy it was, Shawn had a great time and keeps talking about going back. Thanks James and Allison for the great Christmas present.

Monday, January 11, 2010

We've got ourselves an artist

Shawn loves to draw and uses his new easle everyday. I may just be a proud mama, but I think these are pretty good drawings for a kid that is just over 2-years-old. For those that are not art savy.....these are obviously drawings of our family. They consist of heads with arms and legs coming out of them, eyes, mouths, and Santa hats. All Shawn's drawings have Santa hats lately. We can sell you an original piece from Shawn if interested. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day

Late Christmas morning we went to my dad's house for breakfast and exchanging gifts. It was crazy and fun as usual.
Jon showing us his protest face about having to wear the antlers.
The little boy cousins playing on a new sled.
Tiffany showing off her new cooking supplies that she needed at college.

In the afternoon we went to Jon's sisters' house to exchange gifts with his family. We were all spoiled as usual and had a great time with them.

Shawn didn't even know how to start with this present. Finally decided it would be best to take off the bows first.

Shawn showing us how his new clothes fit.

Shawn loves his new art easel. It has a chalk board, white board, and a roll of paper. He draws on it everyday. He has practically gone through the large roll of paper already.

Shawn really loves his new vacuum. He is such a clean kid that it was a major hit with him. I can't pull out my vacuum without him following me around the house with his. Now I just need to train him to do the dishes and we will all be happy.

This is the day after Christmas at about 1:00 in the afternoon. I guess Jon enjoys his present. (Sorry Honey, I know you didn't want me to post this picture, but I had to)

Shawn likes to try to play Wii for a couple minutes, but gives up quickly.

Now we need a another TV. Jon and Shawn fight over who gets to play their game. Shawn will go over and rip out the cords for the Wii so he can play his bike game. Sometimes I just want to watch TV and not watch them play games. I didn't think about the consequences of these presents.

Christmas Morning

We woke up early to open presents at our house before heading out for the rest of the day.

Shawn checking out his new bike/video game. He doesn't totally get the concept, but I am sure it will be used a great deal.
My main gift was a new CD player
Jon's main present was a Wii. This is his pretend surprise face since he already knew what he was getting. Christmas morning is not as fun when you snoop around and figure out your presents.....right Honey?
Opening more presents

Shawn just playing with a toy from his stocking.

Christmas Eve

We had our traditional Christmas Eve program at my dad's house. We had a really great dinner followed by the program. The grandkids all got reindeer antlers and bells to sing Jingle Bells and they loved it. Then each family had a chance to share a talent, story, thought, etc. It was a fun night.
Shawn with his antlers
Shawn spread whip cream from his fruit salad onto his roll. Then didn't know how to pick it up so he just ate it like this.
Must have been pretty good

Grandpa K. and Grandma Robyn didn't have a seat at their own table. Good thing they found a piano bench.
Someone wore himself out from all the festivities