Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We LOVE Spring

Don't you love May? Spring is the best. Jon always laughs at me this time of year because I turn into a giddy school girl. The smallest things make me happy like birds chirping, playing outside and longer days. I just love it (or is it that I hate winter so bad). Either way, we enjoyed May.
We went to Wheeler Farm with my friend Jen and her two darling little girls.

 Twice I came downstairs from rocking Carver to sleep and found the boys had made a fort, popcorn and toast. I was gone less than 15 minutes. They are fast. I have a cute video of this, but it won't load right now.
Shawn came in and took this picture while I was rocking Carver. I love it because it shows a large part of my life right now.

Jon had to do some work in Logan so we decided to go with him for a little getaway. I don't want to be too negative about my boys on here, but lets just say that I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Carver is getting much love around here. We all can't get enough of him.
The boys always make sure he has plenty of toys
 I often find Evan using Carver as a pillow. Carver seems to be okay with it and enjoys grabbing Evan's hair.
 Of course you would get so much love when you are this cute.

My dad invited us to a BYU fans party that started at 3:00 in Sandy. The problem was it didn't actually start until 6:00 so we headed to the zoo for the afternoon and then went back to the party.