Thursday, February 20, 2014

January 2014

Shoveling the driveway never gets old for these boys
Shawn came in the house and told me to look outside. He had shoveled, "I love you" in the driveway and lawn. Sweet boy. Melted my heart.
Jon's dad sent us a thing called a Jumparoo a few months ago. It was perfect timing because the weather was getting cold and this gave the boys something to jump and climb on. They love it! 

I told Evan to put his clothes in the hamper. I guess I need to clarify the need to take them off first.
Love this little blue-eyed boy

December: At the festival of trees they were selling these adorable character hats for super cheap. I can't tell you how sad I was that I couldn't find a bigger version of this one. It was squeezing his head too much.
Shawn insisted on sitting and enjoying the performances at the Festival of Trees before we left. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

December 2013

It has been such a nightmare process to do this blog post. So many problems, so many frustrations. It has taken me over an hour just to upload these photos. That is why I gave up a couple times before and never finished my December post. The photos are out of order, but for the sake of my sanity, I will not rearrange them. Dang Blogger! I will get off my soapbox now. Enjoy!

Festive boys at the Knab family Christmas program.
 Cute little reindeer.

 We went to the Riverwoods to see the lights. They had a s'more making kit you could buy for a $1. Guess what, marshmallows freeze in the cold. Hence, it was, let's say, difficult to put them on the stick and roast them.
 Festival of Trees. Shawn wanted a picture with this awesome gingerbread house.
 Since Evan hates visiting Santa, we decided to try FotoFly's Santa photo shoot where a parent dresses up like Santa so the kids will  be happy.

This is how Carver checked out the lights the whole time at Temple Square

Zoo lights with my family

 Opening gifts with Jon's family (Sharlene and Grandma West)

We took the kids sledding over Christmas break, but it was pure ice so we only lasted 10 minutes out of fear of injuries. I just found out that a girl in our neighborhood broke her leg right after Christmas on this hill because of the ice. I have no idea why this photo is snowing. Another mystery of the issues, but it looks cool.
 Carver opening his very first Christmas present ever.

 Christmas morning

Jon was forced into wearing a Superman shirt because the boys had super hero jammies and insisted their dad join in.

This boy loved his Back to the Future lego set I bought him for Christmas. And he says he only wants practical/usefull gifts.

Evan and his obsession with puzzles. He does puzzles all the time and he is really good at it.

I asked Evan to wipe off the table. Not sure that being ON the table helps clean it.

Shawn had to get a cavity filled. The dentist told him he had to wait one hour before eating any food. I tried to feed him lunch 55 minutes after his appointment and he refused to eat. He watched the clock until it had been exactly 1 hour before he would eat.

Gingerbread houses

The candy windows downtown when we went to see the Temple Square lights.

Evan's hat was over his face the whole night. He refused to let me fix it.

A couple days after Christmas I was cutting a pear for myself and the boys came running. Looks like we were in serious need of some healthy food instead of the junk.

I made a Buche De Noel (Yule Log) for our Christmas Eve dessert at my house. It was a lot of work and it looked pretty, but definitely not worth the effort.

Oh, they are so cute (and quiet) while they sleep

Santa came to Shawn's school to listen to their Christmas program. Parents were not invited to attend because the school doesn't have room for all the students and parents in one spot. I stayed anyway and just stood in the far back corner. Come on, it is my Kindergartener's first program. He is sitting on the first row in a black, white and blue striped shirt.