Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Week

We had such a great Christmas this year. Everything went well, we got a lot of great stuff, nobody was sick, weather wasn't bad, etc. Hope you had a good one too. One thing I did learn from doing this blog is that we need a new camera desperately. Maybe that will be on my next wish list.
Of all the gifts Evan got from Jon's family, this fireman hat might have been his favorite. Funny thing is, they got the hat for free at a restaurant.
Christmas morning I had an elaborate Christmas breakfact planned, but decided I didn't want to spend my morning in the kitchen so we had snowman pancakes and sausage instead. The kids thought it was great.
Santa had two sets of trains for the boys all set up in the living room. They played with the trains and ate breakfast for almost an hour before asking about the stack of wrapped gifts behind each train set.
We had to beg Evan to open gifts because he was too fascinated with the trains. We finally gave up and let him open gifts later.
Look at this face of pure joy. The thing he is holding, with all of his heart, is a cowboy costume I picked up in the Halloween clearance section. He was so excited to get it, tried it on once and hasn't cared since.
Boys of all ages love remote control cars. Well, I have to admit, it was pretty cool.
After church we went to my dad's to open gifts (didn't take any pictures) and then went to Jon's grandparents house. This is Shawn showing his great-grandma how to use the walkie talkies he got.
Shawn with most of his load.
Later in the week we had a family movie party with treats and popcorn and blankets. Fun fun
We went to a jumping, trampoline type place with some of my family. Shawn was literally crying when we left because he wanted to stay there "100 hours"
"Do not climb walls of the tramps"
We also went for a little walk along the Jordan River. It was such a beautiful week. I don't know if you can see the giant rock hurling through the air. Shawn loves throwing rocks.

Cute little guy worn out by the walk