Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cutie Pies

One of my neighbors was doing a mini photo shoot at an orchard nearby so I signed the boys up for their 2 year and 5 year pictures. I wasn't feeling well for the couple days before the photo shoot which is when I was planning on going shopping. It got to be the morning of and I paniced trying to figure out what to dress them in. I ended up going the matchy matchy route which is exactly what I didn't want. I was so mad at myself for waiting until the last minute. I really don't love Shawn's outfit, but I do love these pictures.

This one is my absolute favorite!

Neighborhood Water Party

One of our neighbors held an end-of-year water party in her yard. My boys thought it was great and were happily getting as wet as possible. I bought these little squirters for the occasion which are much easier than water guns. I had to stay right with Evan the whole time because all the older kids kept trying to take his from him.

Evan's favorite thing was the water balloons.
Shawn asked me if he could go get a dessert then came back with this giant cup full of cantaloupe and blueberries. Man, my boys love fruit, but I am not complaining.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cute Boys

These are just some random photos from the last couple weeks that I thought I would share.

Shawn saw kids out selling lemonade one day and begged me every day to do the same. He made his own poster and decided on putting the Eiffel Tower next to him so "people will know that I am selling something".  We decided to sell cookies instead and I put him out there right as all the kids were walking home from school. It worked like a charm. He had about 3 dozen cookies and sold them all within 1/2 hour. He used the money he made to buy a scripture case. Cute kid.  

I told Evan not to pick the strawberries yet. Being the good boy that he is, he listened and just ate them right off the vine instead.

I have mentioned before how much Shawn loves to clean. I can not find a chore that he considers punishment. Not only does he love to clean but he is very efficient. He insists on vacuuming behind and under the couches. Which is fine with me  because I never want to get that detailed.