Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy September

I was thinking about how busy September has been and how behind I am on posting things to the blog. I came up with a a bunch of pictures all at once and forget the individual posts. So here's too a very long line of pictures
Our September was filled with:
 Trips to Trafalga
Watching cartoons
 Playing in one of the only rain storms of the summer

 Going to our brand new Kneaders on opening day. Other kids recognize the McDonalds sign, mine only ever scream out when they see a Kneaders. Jon says I have ruined them. :)
 Going to a birthday party for my friend's little girl. My friend, Jen, made this cake. Amazing! I know!
 Starting school again. Someone was very excited.
Going to some different parks
 Taking a drive through Alpine Loop

Taking swimming lessons. Shawn forgot to take off his shirt this day.
 mother and son nap times
 Picking apples at my grandpa's house

Making ridiculous caramel apples with those apples (don't worry, we also made apple sauce and dried apple chips and things that were healthy)
 Harvesting our never ending supply of tomatoes
 Doing some exercise
Harvesting a giant red potato from our garden. We were so proud.
Taking at drive up Big Cottonwood canyon. Learned about the rings of trees.
 Going for a little hike and collecting leaves
 Shawn's prize winning leaf
 Evan's leaf :)
 Using our voices A LOT during the hike
Throwing rocks into the stream
 Checking out fall foilage
 Making matchy matchy smiling faces
 Watching ducks
 Enjoying life!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have a 5-year-old?

I know I say this every single year, but I can't believe Shawn is 5! I remember things from when I was 5. I remember my 5th birthday was a "pink party" because I was obsessed with the color. All my friends had to wear complete pink, the house was decorated in pink, my mom made pink cupcakes with pink frosting and arranged them into the number 5, my mom even wore a totally pink jumpsuit (it was the 80s). What a fun time of life. Shawn has been so excited to turn 5 especially because it meant he got to go to school at the "big" school. Happy Birthday to my mostly sweet little guy!
While he was sleeping we decorated the house which also included streamers on his door and 5 balloons with dollars in them hanging in the hallway. He was so excited to see the decorations, but once he saw $$ was involved his face lit up.
 I think his face expression is saying "have you ever seen so much money in your life??"
 We let Shawn decide where he wanted to go out to eat for his big day and he chose "the Texas place with the yummy rolls". Once I told the waitress that he said that she was certain that he had a constanct supply of rolls. I don't even know how many he ate, but I know he didn't touch his dinner. I also forgot that they sang happy birthday while you sit on a saddle and get icecream. Shawn couldn't believe his luck even if he had to ask what a saddle was.
For his birthday party we had an Olympic theme since the Olympics had just ended. He really wanted to have races and games and have official gold medalists, but I had to explain that everyone will be getting a gold medal so we don't send kids home in tears.

Evan had to be a part of everything and this is him throwing the frisbee into the hoola hoop.
 Lining up for the next game. We only invited kids in our neighborhood that Shawn plays with and this is only half the group. The other half were doing a different game. Oh yeah, we also had all his cousins come as well.To be honest, it was a bit too crazy. We might be doing the rule "you can invite as many kids as you are old" from now on. :)  
Balance beam
See who can keep their balloon in the air with one hand the longest 
 Every year Shawn begs for a pinata. I don't love the pinatas. They seem to always end in someone getting hit or someone crying because they didn't get as much candy as the next kid. However, I told Shawn if he really wanted to do a pinata it would have to come out of his present budget and he was all for that. What could I say? If he wanted a pinata so bad that he would give up more presents, then I will do it.
 I think Evan hit it harder than most of the other kids.