Monday, September 15, 2014

Shawn Turns 7!!

My sweet little first-born is 7-years-old! He really is a sweet kid with a nasty temper. He flairs up quickly and tells us he can't control himself. He is incredibly smart and wants to know how everything works in the world. He is constantly trying to invent things and come up with new ways of doing things. He loves snuggling, running around, watching cartoons, reading books, sports and many other things. We sure love this kid!
Shawn has a camping theme party this year.

Three-legged races, s'mores in the backyard, cake in the tent

Diggin' for worms (gummy worms in whip cream)

Afternoon of shopping with Grandpa and Grandma Knab for hiking boots and then some golfing.

Then we went out to eat as a family that  night.

His actual birthday was on Sunday. We had a yummy breakfast, went to church and then Jon's family came over for dinner and cake. After everyone left Shawn begged to sleep in the backyard. All of us hung out in the tent, but only Shawn and I slept out there. Well, we did until it started raining on our faces because we never put the tent cover on.

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