Friday, December 19, 2014

September and October 2014

Jon and I went to a restaurant up Millcreek Canyon called Log Haven to celebrate his promotion at work. Beautiful location, yummy food, handsome date=perfect night. 

We took the kids to see the witches at Gardner Village 

I started bringing a pillow on our daily walks and now Carver just chills and enjoys the ride. 

Seriously, look at that cute face. 

Shawn and I woke up super early one morning to make it to Park City in time for the balloon festival. We parked and got out of our car when they were making the announcement that it was cancelled due to an incoming storm. We just went and toured around Park City a bit before heading back home. 
Annual picking of the apples at my Grandpa's house. Yummm! 

Look at this view during our walks. Beautiful! 
Jon's sister, Sharlene got married in September. It was a gorgeous wedding and everything went great! 

I asked Shawn to get out a pan and melt some butter on the stove. I guess I need to be more specific. 

Shawn is always coming up with new little businesses. He asked me one day how to sew pictures. I showed him and then asked if he was going to put it in his room. He informed me that he was going to make a bunch and sell them. Which is exactly what he did. Smart boy! 

This was the stem of one of our sunflowers. The kids sure love to grow giant sunflowers. 

Another view from our house. 
We went up the canyon a few times to see the changing leaves. We also visited Bridal Veil Falls. 

Picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

We really love our great neighborhood and the boys really love watching for Shawn to come home from school. 
Evan's preschool went to a local pumpkin patch and he was so happy that it was called Evan's Family Farm. 

Shawn bull riding at Cornbellys

My favorite superheros of all time! 

Shawn did great this fall during soccer. 

Shawn found this sticker of a lightbulb and then came running to me saying, "Look Mom! I have a great idea!"

We all love Daddy! 

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